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My Bad May 20, 2008

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Sorry for lack of posts, due to Sisi’s habit of walking on my laptop. I have been MIA.

I hope to be up and running soon.

Ta Ta for now.



Mr and Mrs May 7, 2008

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I’m planning on praying for them.

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Why I Don’t Go To The Hairdresser

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Reason 1.

Customer service like this: Weave Stylist: Hello Hairmax, can I help
Phone Customer: Are you open today?

Weave Stylist: Am I in my house? Didn’t you hear me say Hairmax can I help?



No Words May 6, 2008

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It just gets worst.


Original Gangster

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I am truly speechless at the sight of this 7yr old gangster.




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I love to give, well thought out presents. By that I mean taking my time to make sure that my present is appropriate for the circumstance and individual. Sometime though, it can be hard to find a greeting card thats suitable. Thats where Color Blind cards come in.


I  haven’t as yet bought any but I saw the co- creater Jessica Huie on the Apprentice aftershow last week talking about the range. After looking at the cards available I am very impressed.

It’s rare to find a tasteful card with images of people of color  in the UK. 

It’s also inspiring to see a young woman of color making it in the business world, with an idea which was sorely needed.


Bringin Back The 80’s May 2, 2008

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These kids are serious about bringing the 80’s back. Check them out in this New York Times  article,

They make me want to put on some LA Gear and a Members Only jacket.

This pic is of them at Estelle’s US launch of her new album Shine.

Borrowed From Crunk & Disorderly